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DigiBOARD is a revolutionary new concept in Stadium Advertising, combining the flexibility and impact of LED screen technology with the high visibility of perimeter advertising.

Using the latest in LED technology, digiBOARDS bring your stadium perimeter advertising to life, with high-impact, unmissable moving images around the stadium.


With today’s stadia carrying evermore advertising opportunities, digiBOARDS give advertisers genuine stand-out opportunity in a cluttered environment.

digiBOARDS replace perimeter advertising boards with the very latest in LED screen technology – substituting flat advertising boards with high-impact, moving images, viewable even in direct sunlight.

As well as promotion, digiBOARD perimeter advertising boards can be used for other purposes such as rousing the crowd prior to kick-off, or for showing safety information.


The increased impact of digiBOARD brings with it a premium advertising charge, bringing more money into your Club. Perimeter advertising can be sold on a minute by minute basis, with increased rates for televised matches, rather than a season-long rate.

During matchplay, advertisers can take control of the entire stadium, giving them unmissable exposure to the tens of thousands of fans in the stadium and the millions watching at home, should the match be televised.

digiBOARD perimeter advertising boards can provide multiple revenue streams – televised matches bring with them a huge premium in advertising space costs, particularly given the high impact of digiBOARDS. Likewise, premium space can be sold at kick-off or other key points during the match.


Because content can easily be updated at the push of a button, digiBOARD perimeter advertising boards lend themselves well to product-based advertising, bringing in a new form of advertising revenue, focused on individual products rather than brands.

digiBOARD allows advertisers to use stadium perimeter advertising as part of an integrated media campaign, with only a short lead time required. Additional integration can be leveraged through synchronicity with advertising on in-stadia LED screens.


Explore the digiBOARD’s wide range of exclusive features.

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The digiBOARD is infinitely configurable. See how a combination of boards can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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The digiBOARD boasts an impressive array of custom hardware elements.

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West Ham United has been the first club to take delivery of the digiBOARD LED perimeter advertising system, which was installed for the start of the 2006-07 season.

digiBOARDs have been installed around 3 sides of Upton Park, with 51 boards totalling 261m in length.

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